About Our Graphics


You get what you pay for - or do you? At Raceline Digital, we make your hard earned dollar go further by offering a graphic product second to none.


Our proprietary OE Design methodology eliminates vinyl overlap which can lead to premature failure and unsightly layers. This technique was developed so that every element in the graphic is applied directly to the surface. This ensures maximum adhesive bonding, generating excellent performance for over 10 years*, sustained durability and ease of application.


Unlike printed wraps, OE Design methodology also allows for easy repair without having to remove the entire side of your graphic. Simply peel out the damaged element(s) and we'll re-cut them, getting you back on the water in no time and for a lot less.



All graphic packages come with alignment marks for multi-color design which makes installation easier and more accurate.  Alignment marks are cut in the same location for each color. Just overlap the squares and the graphic aligns itself! Used with our comprehensive installation guide it’s the perfect system for the novice to professional installer.


We know how special a project car can be and how passionate you, the owner is. That is why we have reproduced, down to the finest detail our period correct vintage sponsorship decals and livery kits. At Raceline Digital our passion is to make your finishing touch the most accurate reproduction available. All decals and graphics are manufactured using the best adhesive back vinyl film and thermal printing techniques.